Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tureky Pit Cook

As promised, I pit cooked a turkey on Labour Day weekend. Again, we were at the cabin which is the perfect spot to pit cook. This time around I was a little more nervous. The turkey was GIANT to begin with, and I was cooking a lot more in the pit than the last time.

We started out in the morning by digging the hole and adding some bigger rocks (thinking they would retain heat better?). And when I say we, I mean my husband which all the pics prove! Damn!

After the fire was roaring, we relaxed and my sweet husband served me coffee in this mug, which is nice...

Next up, the never ending wrapping up food in tin foil!

Russet potatoes, beets (from the garden -yay), and corn on the cob. Also, one giant turkey!

We ("we") put the turkey in the embers first, then layered on beets and potatoes and ended with the corn. 

The "we" buried the lot!

Everything was in the ground by 11:30, so off we went to enjoy the day. 

Ezra scurfing

Around 6pm, I started to dig!

Jeremy took over with some handy gloves...

Hmmm, is it done?

It is! The turkey is really delicious, and everything tastes amazing. 

Turkey dinner, pit cook style!

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  1. Not only was it a yummy dinner, the soup was awesome too! What's next?